The Czech and Slovak Cultural and Social Society

The Czech and Slovak Cultural and Social Society began as a small gathering at the Colorado Springs Foreign Language Center in July 1978. Under the leadership of Mary Jensen, the group mushroomed into a strong, dedicated club, which now holds monthly meetings at the International Dance Club, 2422 Busch Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904. It costs $5.00 per year to be a member of the Club, but guests are always welcome.

The meetings are generally on the third Wednesday of the month at Noon, however, this should always be confirmed by calling  Marge Korzekwa (719) 687-4549

In addition to the monthly luncheon meetings, the Czech and Slovak Cultural and Social Society sponsors an annual dinner dance (click here to see pictures), a picnic and a Christmas Party. The objective of the Society is to preserve the traditions and cultural heritage of the Czech and Slovak People.

The Czech and Slovak Dancers

In 1985, a sub-group of the Society formed a dance group to learn and perform traditional dances from the Czech and Slovak Republics. Since then the Czech and Slovak Folk Dancers have given hundreds of performances in various cities in Colorado, as well as performing at ethnic festivals in Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The Czech and Slovak Dancers dance costumes, called Kroje in Czech and Slovak, are copies of authentic costumes of Kroje from the Kyjov, Moravia region.  To see a picture of the current group in full costume, click here.

The Czech and Slovak Dancers are instructed by Mrs. Nadine Gast, a well known International Folk Dance instructor in Colorado. Mrs. Gast attended special Czechoslovak folkdance workshops so that she would have a large selection of dances to draw from to teach the Czech and Slovak Dance group. Mrs. Gast was first instructed by Frantisek Bonus at the New Mexico August Folk Dance Camp. Frantisek Bonus is a leading expert on his country music, folkdance and folklore. In July 2000, Mrs. Gast attended the Stockton Folk Dance camp, instructed by Drs. Radomil Rejseck and Eva Rejskova from Prague. Drs. Rejseck and Rejskova were first dancers and later leaders of one of the most famous Czech folk ensembles, the Josef Vycpalek Ensenbel. Dr. Rejseck is an instructor at Charles University, and Dr. Rejskova is an instructor at the Institute of Artistic Activity of the Ministry of Culture in Prague.

The Czech and Slovak Dancer group welcomes new members of any nationality who are interested in the traditional Czech and Slovak dances. Practices are generally on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm at the International Dance Club.

Please call Olga Folster (719) 630-8730 for further information.